Aioli- Garlic Mayonaise

Aioli- Garlic Mayonaise

Although there are some variations, this is the one I grew up with and one that I hope you try and enjoy. I must warn you, the taste is really strong (I mean ward off the vampires strong), but a little goes a long way. I encourage you to try it on a baked potato; it makes a great alternative to sour cream.

Move over Hellman’s, here comes aioli!  My all time favorite way to eat aioli is to use it as a dip with fried yuca, but that’s just my Latin American taste.

Aioli, an old Provencal word, essentially comes from two words: ail-garlic and oli-oil.  Aioli can also be enjoyed with broiled fish, potatoes, crab-cakes, and yes French bread also.  In Latin American and some Caribbean nations, aioli can also be enjoyed with fried yuca-a starchy root vegetable that in my humble opinion is best enjoyed fried.  Although aioli is not exactly a diet food, it is all natural which in my opinion is a huge plus.

My love for aioli began as a child when my father would make it at home. My father was of French descent; his family came from Grenoble in the south of France. He would tell us that growing up he and his siblings would patiently wait in the kitchen with a chunk of French bread (homemade I am certain) in hand while his grandmother slowly and patiently prepared the aioli.  Mind you, grandma was most likely using a bowl, a fork and plenty of muscle!

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