Edible Mushrooms to Grow in Your Garden

Edible Mushrooms to Grow in Your Garden

Are you planning to grow some edible mushrooms in your garden? Did you know that there are a lot to choose from? If you are one of the many who is wondering on what edible mushrooms to grow in your garden, then you will surely benefit from the information below.

Mushrooms are an excellent addition to all kinds of food. Unfortunately, some of the mushroom varieties are too difficult to find or expensive to purchase. The good news is, you can plant your mushrooms in your garden, so you can just pick them up whenever you want. This will also help you ensure that what you are adding to your food is something that is truly fresh.

But you might be wondering about the different edible mushrooms to grow in your garden. Worry no more because below are some of the best varieties of mushrooms to plant in your garden.

Planting Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello is a mushroom that has a white bottom. It is usually discarded because they don’t have the whiteness that is salable, unlike the other types of fungus. But it is now becoming more and more popular since it is now being used as a great addition to pasta dishes and such.

Planting Humble Button Mushrooms

Humble Bottom Mushrooms, such as table mushroom, white mushroom, and crimini button mushrooms. These types of mushrooms are known to be very delicious and versatile, which is why they are growing in popularity as well. They are often seen in sautés and salads since you will be assured that you won’t go wrong with them.

Planting Wine Cap Mushrooms

Wine Cap mushrooms are not as common as portobello, but the heartiness, flavor, and texture are similar. Wine Cap mushrooms have a stalk that is bright white and a beautiful mushroom that has a brownish to red shade. This mushroom is not commonly used in restaurants and having them in your garden and adding them to your meals will impress your family and friends during a dinner party.

Planting Oyster Mushrooms

One of the most popular mushrooms to plant is the Oyster mushroom. The reason behind this is because it looks like an oyster and as well as because of the delicate taste that it has. Oyster mushrooms have logs and can easily be grown, and of course, they can also be easier to eat.

Planting Shiitakes Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are known to have a reducing effect on tumors. This fungus is known as a Japanese variety and is also called as the oak mushroom. It grows on logs and has a rich and delicious caps. Shiitake mushrooms are perfect for stews and soups, and as well as risotto. But you should know that the stems can be a little harder to chew, but can still be a great addition to add in flavoring to your food.

Planting Cinnamon Cap Mushroom

Cinnamon cap mushroom has an earthy flavor that is strong, and they don’t taste like cinnamon at all. The colors of this mushroom range from brown, to yellow, and orange. You can add this type of mushroom in sauces and soups, as they will provide an added flavor that everyone will surely love to have.

Harvesting Your Fully Grown Mushrooms

Of course, after planting the edible mushrooms mentioned above, there will come a time that you will need to harvest them. Typically, you will know that they are ready to be harvested once the veil, which is connected to the step and cap are lifted. Once you see it open, it means that your mushrooms have reached their deliciousness and ripeness.

When harvesting them, make sure to avoid pulling them to avoid damaging them. It would be best to twist them or use a knife to cut the stem near its base. Also, it would be best to regularly pick the mushrooms to let the flush to spread continuously.

These are all the edible mushrooms to grow in your garden that you and your family can enjoy after harvesting. Just make sure just to plant the mushrooms that you are eating to avoid wasting the other types of mushroom that you don’t want. Plant your mushrooms now and experience the goodness of having to pick them in your backyard when needed.

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