Collagen Green Smoothies

Collagen Green Smoothies

Should you add collagen to your beauty routine?  Get the facts from an RD and four delicious protein packed green smoothies to start you off.


So collagen is one of MANY MANY types of proteins found in our bodies.  In fact, collagen plays an extremely important role in many vital organ systems, such as:

  • Provides elasticity and strength to our skin.
  • Bone is made of a mixture of collagen and mineral complexes which give it strength and flexibility.
  • Provides strength and elasticity to both skeletal muscle and smooth muscle.
  • Provides strength and elasticity to the walls of blood vessels.


Where most people get confused is by assuming that consuming collagen supplements will provide more collagen for your skin, bones, muscle and other organs.  Keep in mind that during digestion your body will break down collagen, just like any other protein, into amino acids.  However, collagen does have a much different profile of amino acids compared to other types of protein typically consumed.  So the thought process is by providing your body with the right amino acids you may boost the natural production of collagen made in the body

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