Spaetzles- German Noodles

Spaetzles- German Noodles

German spaetzles are extremely easy to prepare and so cheap! I was first introduced to spaetzles by my husband’s German grandmother. It was one of her favorite things to make for Christmas and other holidays too. The ingredients are humble to say the least, but the possibilities are endless.

To make perfect spaetzles you will need a kitchen gadget though, and there are a couple of them in the market.  The readily available one in the US is a wooden board with and knife. The one I own, which is the Kull spaetzle “press” looks almost like a potato ricer, and is made of aluminum. It was given to me by my German friend Iris. I have yet to spot one like mine  in the United States. Not even the high end kitchen stores carry them. However, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet you can purchase it through Amazon and I included links to various  types of spaetzle “devices” below. The press type I have is heavy duty and you can rest assured that it will last forever. I have had mine for about twenty years.

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