Underrated Kitchen Safety Tips You Need to Know

Underrated Kitchen Safety Tips You Need to Know


Most people will stick to very basic kitchen safety tips. We know to be careful with wiring and cleanliness. We know how careful we have to be when we’re using pots and pans on the stove. But there are a bunch of underrated safety tips that a lot of people don’t really think about all that often.

We’re going to take a look at some often ignored but essential safety tips.

Sharpen those knives

To many, it may seem like strange advice. Aren’t knives one of the most dangerous elements of any kitchen? And wouldn’t sharpening them just make them more dangerous? Actually, most knife-related injuries in the kitchen are the result of dull blades, not sharp ones.When a knife is really sharp, you have way more control. It sinks into the item you’re chopping with greater ease; a dull knife is more likely to slip. You have to use a lot more force to get them through. The sharper your blade, the more streamlines the process is, and the more control you have. So upgrade your knives or get a sharpener in your kitchen!


Upgrade your smoke detector

You do have a smoke detector in your home, right? And it’s either in your kitchen or not far away from it, right? Good. As long as you test it regularly, you may think that’s enough – and it probably is. But upgrading your smoke detectors to the sort of high tech products you see in The Smart Future might be a good shout. Smoke detectors do lose efficiency over time, and most people have had the same detector in their property for at least a decade. It might be time for an upgrade!

Learn about different fires

Speaking of smoke detectors, did you know just how many different fires can take place in a kitchen? There are ordinary combustible fires, gas fires, electric fires, grease fires… there are a lot of the darn things, and they all need to be handled differently. We speak a lot about fire prevention, which is always better to ensure so as to avoid having to deal with them at all… but we should still learn how to deal with them if they do happen. A lot of people don’t know quite how to deal with one fire type versus another. This can be extremely dangerous. You may end up throwing water over a fire and making it much worse if it’s a specific type of fire, such as an electric one.


Use organic cleaners

Keeping the kitchen as clean as possible will keep our food hygienic and help protect us from dangerous bacteria. But are there right ways to clean and wrong ways to clean? Yes, actually; and the wrong ways to clean a kitchen are often the ones that are most heavily advertised. For example, those chemicals that promise to kill 99.9% of bacteria? Not only do they contain loads of toxic chemicals, but all that bacteria killing can actually hamper the development of a child’s immune system. Use organic cleaners – natural ingredients can get your kitchen as clean as you need it to be!

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