30 Minute Vegetable Cauliflower Fried Rice

30 Minute Vegetable Cauliflower Fried Rice

As long as there is pasta & Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.

-Michael Chang

This quote is basically my life. Pasta + Chinese food = EVERYTHING!


But, about a year ago I started to realize that eating my weight in Chinese food once a week smothered in shrimp sauce wasn’t good for me. (I mean, I still do it once a month, just not once a week anymore…being decently healthy is hard sometimes!)

In order to still curb those Chinese cravings, I started experimenting with different things to create my own, beginning with fried rice.

Lessons I have learned thus far: 1) coconut aminos are WAY less salty than soy sauce and taste just as good 2) Trader Joes knows their frozen veggies & 3) I can wipe this sucker up in less than 30 minutes or less!

While I have nothing against meat (Chick-fil-a and I are weekly friends), I typically eat vegetarian most nights by choice. Because of that choice, this vegetable cauliflower fried rice has become a staple around my house because I always have frozen cauliflower rice on hand and you can throw whatever vegetables into the wok you want to make a great dish!

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