Summer Sweet Corn Salad

Summer Sweet Corn Salad

Enjoy summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables with a corn salad featuring sweet cherry tomatoes, diced avocado, fresh mozzarella and homegrown basil.

The main ingredient here is fresh corn on the cob. Stay away from canned or frozen.  It doesn’t matter how you cook it – grill it, boil it or steam it. The result is the same – sweet corn kernels with crunch.

I added fresh picked basil from my garden in ribbons because it’s pungent and tastes so much better than dried. The basil and fresh lemon pull together the flavors of all the vegetables and mozzarella into an amazing salad combination.

I have a cherry tomato shrub on my back patio that is full of green fruit. It’s just a matter of time before this bush is littered with my favorite vegetable of the summer. While I used store bought grape tomatoes this time, next time I plan to use homegrown tomatoes for this summer sweet corn salad.

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