Marbled Banana Bread

Marbled Banana Bread

A ribbon of swirled chocolate makes moist, sweet banana bread even tastier. Why make ordinary banana bread when Marbled Banana Bread is so much better? And it’s pretty too!

I know for sure that I am not the only one that gets stuck with brown bananas. My kids will go through phases when I can barely buy bananas as fast as they will eat them. Then they are over it and the bananas sit for a while and get really, really ripe. The good news is that over ripe bananas are super sweet and banana bread is really easy to make! Most people I know have a family recipe for banana bread and our family is no different. There are so many different ways to turn this simple recipe into something wonderful. Banana muffins are fun for breakfast. Mini Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins are great for snacks and work well as a lunchbox treat.
So, after a weekend trip to Maine, I came back to a bunch of very brown bananas. What to do? Naturally, I pulled out my trusty stand mixer. A good stand mixer really does make baking easier. The mixer can do the work, hands free, while you measure ingredients. This fabulous Marbled Banana Bread came about because ordinary banana bread, as yummy as it is, seemed too boring

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