Healthy Asian Ramen Salad

Healthy Asian Ramen Salad

If you have 5 minutes, you can throw together this simple, Healthy Asian Ramen Salad.  When you use a package of slaw mix, most of the work is already done for you!

This make ahead Healthy Asian Ramen Salad is a crisp, refreshing addition to any summer menu.  I know, most people don’t think the words “healthy” and “ramen belong in the same sentence.  And, usually, that is true.  It makes a huge difference if you start by throwing away the ramen seasoning packet, though!

There are a few simple tricks to getting a whole lot of flavor with much healthier ingredients.  With a few basic spices, you can totally get rid of the seasoning packet and have an even better flavor!  Another trick that brings a whole lot of healthy flavor is using tarragon vinegar.  Most grocery stores carry it.  It just adds a nice, light flavor.  If you would rather not use tarragon vinegar, cider vinegar or even white vinegar is really good too.  It is amazing what a difference a simple vinegar can make!

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