Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Lemon and Mint

Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Lemon and Mint

Are you looking for an easy pasta recipe for your busy weeknight dinners? This garlic roasted cherry tomato pasta is just what you need.

It’s ready in 30 minutes, but still full of modern and exciting flavors. Made with fresh and healthy ingredients, it’s a balanced vegetarian meal idea for Meatless Monday (or any day of the week).

Quick and light with lemon and vegetables, it’s just what your summer needs.

It starts with a strong roast of minced garlic and chopped capers in olive oil, which then embrace every last bit of the halved cherry tomatoes.

That alone makes for a very fragrant and delicious meal, but I couldn’t stop myself there.

I’m a strong believer in layering flavors and textures in a dish as a shortcut to a beautiful weeknight dinner. And in terms of a quick summer pasta there is not much else that’s as beautiful as the deep and moody flavors of garlic roasted cherry tomatoes tossed with the unique mellow pungency of sheep’s or goat’s cheese.

You can use whatever cheese you have on hand, as long as it is creamy in taste and slightly crumbly in texture. Good ideas are ricotta salta, feta cheese or even queso fresco.

In any case, do not stir the components together – toss them in the pan with a flick of your wrist. Otherwise you’ll end up with mushed tomatoes and cheese, which really takes away from the pleasure of this meal.

As a finishing touch, there are small pieces of filleted lemon dispersed throughout. They add little punches of astringent acidity and pair well with the mint, both a welcome surprise in a pasta dish to blasé tastebuds.

Now I know even the best of weeknight dinner recipes will never beat cute kittens on the Internet – but I hope you still appreciate this roasted cherry tomato pasta at the end of a busy day just as much as we do.

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