Pulled Pork Sliders

These fantastic sliders were made from a smoked pulled pork recipe at Four Kids and a Chicken. I highly recommend using this recipe for your pulled pork.

pulled pork recipe

Pulled Pork Sliders

A great recipe for using up your leftovers.



Take your pulled pork out of the fridge and cutting your Hawaiian bread in half like a sandwich.

mustard greens
Mustard greens mixed in with other lettuces from our garden.

Layer the spicy mustard greens on the sweet Hawaiian bread. Then layer the pork to rest on top of the greens.

Fresh refrigerator pickles should top the meat. Then finish it off with a dab of barbecue sauce.

refrigerator pickle recipe
Refrigerator pickles

pulled pork sliders

Serve it with a side of your refrigerator pickles and salad.


pulled pork sliders