Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake Fudge Bites with Pecans

Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake Fudge Bites with Pecan

I’m not a baker of big and beautiful centerpiece cakes with many layers. I’m a maker of rustic bakes without much flair, treats that are shared in intimate settings between dear friends over a spill of emotions.

I have made cake with sweet potato before (it even has pecans, too), but never with chocolate. A match made in heaven, much unlike the contractor and I.

Almost not sugary enough, rich with cocoa and chocolate – just like the bitter-sweetness of my not love story, which turned out to be much more about friendship than about heartbreak.

They’re also gluten-free, using buckwheat flour. I’m as much of an eclectic cook as I am a person. I love minimalism just as much as kitschy alternative retro, and a raspberry cake with regular flour and sugar as much as a gluten free and vegan treat.

What I’m always after is the special, the irregular, the one thing to turn your mundane into the extraordinary.

This sweet potato chocolate cake makes for great bite-sized treats as you’re sobbing over your latest lost love to your own dawn on the horizon, and dare I say it? They taste so good with a glass of heavy, sultry red wine.

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