Watercress Pesto Pasta With Fried Halloumi

Watercress Pesto Pasta With Fried Halloumi

This healthy dinner recipe of Watercress Pesto Pasta With Fried Halloumi is a real go to meal. It is stuffed full of nutrient packed ingredients and is super quick to make, meaning it’s a great choice for week night suppers as well as being a satisfying dish for the weekend.

It is a real green goddess kinda meal, with watercress, avocado, basil and mint in the pistachio pesto (along with other nutritious ingredients). The avocado gives it a creamy texture without adding any cream. If you want to avoid carbs (I can’t. I simply don’t want to) then replace the pasta with courgette ‘pasta’, you know, the spiralized kind (you could always go 50/50)…

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