Chocolate Chip PMS Cookies

Chocolate Chip PMS Cookies

Almond Butter Chocolate Chip PMS Cookies – Sneaky healthy ingredients with 10 grams of protein per cookie!

These cookies are crunchy and sweet with a chewy center, like cookies should be.  However, they are made from filling healthy ingredients, they even have 10 grams of protein per cookie without the use of protein powder! What?!?!?

It’s important to reduce your sugar cravings by gaining control of them using these tips.  But also, take a second to think about how you view sweets?  Do you view them as forbidden fruit sent to make you miserable in avoiding them and miserable when you eat them? You are unlikely to ever gain control of your sugar cravings if you view sugar as an all time forbidden fruit.  You are a grown ass Woman (I doubt any men are reading this PMS post unless they are desperately trying to cure a spouse.  If that’s you, you might want to ask the crazy woman what she would like and then promptly supply it.  It’s better for everyone involved if you don’t guess, ask Mr. Hungry), you decide when you can have a cookie and when sugar is getting the best of you.  That’s adulting, and it’s awesome.

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