Korean Style BBQ Short Ribs

Korean Style BBQ Short Ribs

For those who love a good braised short rib dish and love short ribs, I challenge you to make your own BBQ Korean Shortribs (Galbi) at home. This is one of those special dishes you usually leave to the professionals at all those awesome Korean BBQ restaurants out there, but like a beautiful braised short rib, it can be successfully made at home as well.

Growing up in a small town we didn’t have the luxury of a Korean BBQ restaurant to go to BUT I did have the luxury of my uncle owning a very popular Korean BBQ restaurant in the Bay Area. People went nuts for their galbi. As a little girl I would see multiple 5 gallon buckets of short ribs getting marinaded at once and safely watch as the employees would replace the burnt out coals on the tabletop grill with fresh ones they kept going in the back outside to fetch throughout the meal. What a production. The care that goes into the marinade for a cut of meat of that quality was something you learned to appreciate, even at a young age.


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