Chocolate Doughnut Cupcakes

Chocolate Doughnut Cupcakes

Chocolate Doughnut Cupcakes are a cinnamon cupcake, topped with a chocolate glaze, then whipped milk chocolate butter cream frosting.

You can never have too many cupcakes and this blog can definitely attest to that.

I’m typically pretty slow to catch on when it comes to trends. VERY slow! I discovered cupcakes about 4 years ago. Of course, I knew what they were but I’d never tried making them nor had I developed the love for them that I have now.

Think Cinnamon Doughnut, topped with Chocolate Glaze and then imagine that all topped with Whipped Milk Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (and it really does taste just like milk chocolate). I could eat this stuff by the spoon. Then I added a cute little doughnut shaped cookie on top.

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