Loaded Truffle BBQ Baked Potatoes

Loaded Truffle BBQ Baked Potatoes

Fire up the BBQ kids and make yourselves these loaded truffle BBQ baked potatoes (and by kids, I mean adults…by no means am I promoting BBQ usage by kids), but be careful you don’t lose your eyebrows or arm hair (no, that didn’t just happen to me…or did it?).

I have to say that I make 90% of the dinners in our household. I like cooking most of the time, but I ESPECIALLY love it in the summer when I get to fire up the Q. And who doesn’t? Not only does it make the food more flavorful, but I love the smell that permeates the neighborhood and your clothing. If they could bottle this, I’d wear it. Something like “eau de BBQ”. Sounds classy.


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