Roast Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Roast Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

This Roast Pumpkin Mac and Cheese is comforting and creamy, and brimming with pumpkin flavor.

I didn’t grow up with Mac and Cheese but I’m sure making up for it. The moment I discovered it, my mind was blown. I mean, I love pasta and I love cheese and comfort food is right up there on my weekend devouring priority list, so how the heck did I never discover Mac and Cheese before adulthood? This would be the stuff kids dreams are made of.

My Roast Pumpkin Mac and Cheese uses a good old cheddar (just use your favourite) and mozzarella for some melty, stringy fun. I added the pumpkin because, well, I love roasted pumpkin (butternut squash to be precise, but you know tomayto / tomahto) and they had a huge display of them when I went grocery shopping.

For some crunch, I added a nice little crumb, which consists of sourdough crumbs, parsley, garlic and pepitas (pumpkin seeds) – officially my favourite seed. Then I added a side of pumpkin chips for a side dish and devoured this for dinner. The pumpkin chips are so easy. Just use a mandolin (watch your fingers) or a speed peeler to peel strips of pumpkin and then deep fry them in an inch of oil until the edges start to brown. Drain on paper towel and allow them to cool. Voila, pumpkin chips

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