Fireball Apple Pie

Fireball Apple Pie

The best ever apple pie just got the most amazing upgrade. This perfect Fireball Apple Pie is baked with a delicious sweet, cinnamon syrup, and is infused with Fireball for a boozy makeover! Try this Fireball Apple Pie recipe once, and you’ll never go back to others!

I actually made this Fireball Apple Pie last year, and decided not to share it because I didn’t want to tire you of Fireball recipes, but it’s a whole year later, and I think you’re up for it. I think almost every kind of booze has a time and place in baking – bourbon, rum, whiskey, but almost none as much as Fireball.

The warmth and fiery cinnamon has a lot of kick, but not too much bite – Fireball is so smooth. You know, it’s more sweet than anything, but it adds a really nice warm, spicy, cinnamony flavor, and a tiny kick of booziness. I love baking with it!

This Perfect Apple Pie recipe is the BEST version, with or without Fireball. This is the Perfect Apple Pie recipe that my mom found in a Seventeen magazine when she was a teenager (where she also found the Chocolate Scotcheroosrecipe!), and it’s the only one we use in my family.

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