(Better Than Takeout) Orange Cauliflower

(Better Than Takeout) Orange Cauliflower

I get the worst compliments of all time. ‘Oh you’re Asian? I love orange chicken’

-Jo Koy

So I am going to apologize to all the orange chicken lovers, but I had never tried it until a couple of weeks ago…and now I am questioning what life was before it.

The spices, the citrus, the deliciousness, it is AMAZING!

We have long sense established that I am not a huge animal protein consumer, especially for dinner. Because I typically steer clear of meat at night, I am constantly trying to find new ways to convert my favorite protein meals into vegetarian meals.

Ya’ll, orange cauliflower is the best conversion I have made thus far. Cauliflower is a strong vegetable that can be soft or crunchy depending on how you cook it and holds the flavor of anything you add to it; basically it is the best vegetable ever. I not only consumed an entire cauliflower head in one setting, but it was given the thumbs up from my man so you know it is good. It has the perfect nodes of citrus, spice & that delicious take out chinese flavor we all know and love.

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