I got a little tired of being the 4th person to show up to the Halloween party with dirt and worms. And being that I’m Ukrainian,  I love anything that even vaguely resembles a pierogi/perogy OR a pizza pop, as do my kids.

So this recipe seemed like the perfect combination. That was my inspiration for these Phantom Perogy Pizza Pops. I also wanted to create a fun, healthy and quick Halloween party snack for kids; one that they could even help to make themselves!

I always struggled with what to make for a Halloween potluck. I’d  spend way too much time looking up cute recipes online and either they were way too involved or so popular you just knew that you wouldn’t be the only one showing up with it. I wanted to do something original so I came up with this Halloween snack recipe.

This recipe is healthy (it’s baked, not fried),  easy, you can make it ahead and freeze and it’s a unique Halloween finger food to make for your own party or take along to a Halloween party.


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