Boozy Maple Whiskey Buttercream Frosting

Boozy Maple Whiskey Buttercream Frosting


What is better than regular buttercream frosting? Boozy maple whiskey buttercream of course!

My motto is “when life gives you drunken frosting, eat as much as you can before the sugar high hits”…okay so that may not be my real motto but I like the thought.

As we grow up birthdays don’t become as exciting to celebrate so why not give ourselves a little tasty excitement while we are young? The best part about this boozy buttercream frosting is that you can do so many things with it once you get the base down. You can subtract the whiskey & maple syrup to get the best vanilla buttercream you’ve ever tasted. There is also the option to substitute the whiskey for vodka, gin, tequila, etc to make different flavors of alcoholic buttercream!

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