Grilled Beer Can Chicken Recipe

beer can chicken

Grilled Beer Can Chicken Recipe

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Beer Can Chicken

Ok, so you didn’t want the cast iron chicken. That’s ok. This is an amazing recipe too. To properly make beer can chicken you are going to have to stick a can of beer right up the chickens’ butt to gently steam and juice the bird from the inside out as it cooks on your grill or smoker for hours. The beer will help with the tenderness of your meat and it will also transfer some of that great hoppy beer flavor into your meal. 

beer can chicken leg


  • 1 whole chicken
  • your favorite chicken seasoning
  • 2 beers. One for drinking, and one for cooking.


You can use any grill, but I love my  Traeger Grill. I just set the temperature and forget about it while the grill does all the smoking and work for me. 

We also used a beer can holder to hold the chicken. Here’s one I like on Amazon:


Remove the giblets and other weird chicken parts. Place the first beer in a chicken beer holder.

Pat the outside of the chicken dry with a paper towel and let the bird mount the beer can. It may be necessary to lubricate with butter. Season the chicken with your favorite dry rub. 

beer can chicken dry rub

Cook your chicken at 250 for an hour and a half and then finished it at 375 for a final hour. I like to call this the chicken sauna. 

beer can chicken on smoker

The skin and outside formed a delicious crust. The inside was steamy hot and smelled like beer. 

beer can chicken

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