Bey’s Soup: Traditional Version

Bey’s Soup: Traditional Version

As if straight out of a Bosnian royalty cookbook, Bey’s soup is a dish you’ll have a hard time forgetting. Luckily this okra delicacy – simmered in a chicken based broth, finished off with a simple roux, then sprinkled with lemon juice as the last touch – is here for your consumption.

If Sarajevo being described as the Europe’s Jerusalem (Sarajevo is all that but more), stirred up your traveling spirit so you took a long trip to get here, and now you find your feet being caressed (or beat up, depending on perspective) by cobblestone streets (of which there are a diminishing amount) of Sarajevo’s old town (Baščarsija), you’re bound to pass by an aščinica.

Ash-what?” you ask. Let’s not get into the pronunciation. What you should do though, is write this word down, so when you pass by one you wander right inside. These food establishments serve traditional Bosnian cuisine. You will talk about visiting one for years to come. They’re really a microcosm of Bosnian food serving the dishes the original way, the closest to the food you’d eat at your nana’s house.

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