Lemon Ginger Asian Cucumber Noodles


These lemon ginger Asian cucumber noodles make a refreshing salad that you can make in minutes. These cucumber noodles are perfect for picnics or even a light dinner with only 4.2g net carbs. Best of all those huge cucumbers from the garden work great in this dish!

My husband grew the best cucumbers this year. They remind me of those long English cucumbers because they do not have many seeds and are long and have a thin skin. However since neither he nor my son eat cucumbers, that leaves me with all of them. So today I made for you a lemon ginger Asian cucumber salad. I ate this for lunch but it would great for a picnic or as a summer side dish. It only took about 5 to 10 minutes to make this flavorful, refreshing dish and the noodles were fun to eat!

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