Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

These quick and easy, low carb cauliflower mashed potatoes only have 5 ingredients, 62 calories, 1 SmartPoint and use a secret ingredient to pack them with protein! They’re perfect for a healthy Thanksgiving!

5 Ingredient Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes –


The one that you’ve probably done 42 bazillion times because I am pretty sure this DELICIOUS pile of creamy-dreamy, lusciously smooth vegetables that SOMEHOW tastes like carb central got SUPER popular, liiiike, BEFORE I WAS BORN.

More like 2 years ago. But, you know I exaggerate sometimes (a lot.)

B-b-b-BUT you have not seen the way that I do them in this teeny tiny little corner of the internet space that we lovingly have called FFF. Well, until right THIS VERY MOMENT in your real, potato-loving-life, that is.

There is this weird part of my inner soul that I was trying to decide if I should tell you about because:

Potential judgment
I’m not even sure if I am comfortable acknowledging this inner-person part of me as of yet.
But, in the name of TRU friendship that lasts FOREVER due to HONESTY AND TRUST, I am going THERE.

There’s a part of my inner being that FORGETS about the existence of mashed potatoes.


Scalloped Sweet potatoes? Dream about them things. Sweet potato salad? Give me an IV (been married to a nurse too long) of that goodness. But, when it comes to mashed potatoes, there’s this place in my heart that somehow just gets SKIPPED when thinking of any potato side-dish to make for dinner.

And then, I happen to eat it at some point in my life and it’s like WHOA. How has this not been happening in my EVERYDAY eating because it’s fulfilling ever possible need and desire and LIFE DREAM that I have ever KNOWN.

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