3 Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipes

3 Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipes
Looking for Healthy Homemade Trail Mix Recipes? Look no further! Here are three simple and easy DIY trail mix recipes, whether you want something sweet, spicy or for kids.
These clean eating trail mix ideas are full of protein (hello energy boost!) and perfect for school snacks, road trips or hikes (nut free versions available!). Pack them in mason jars for cute and cheap packaging!
In less than 5 minutes, you can make a healthy, delicious snack from real food the whole family will love. Not only is making your own trail mix way cheaper than buying store-bought trail mix, but homemade trail mix can be customized to your tastes, leaving out the nasty additives (think artificial colors and flavors and inflammatory oils and trans fats), and excess sugar and sodium that comes in store-bought mix.
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