Vegan Smashed Eggplant Toast

Vegan Smashed Eggplant Toast

This Vegan Smashed Eggplant Toast is such a great way to switch it up if you’re getting bored of avocado toast!

Have you tried baba ganoush? It’s a magical dip made with super soft, roasted eggplant (aubergine), nutty tahini, garlic (I prefer roasted to raw), aromatic parsley, a little zippy lemon juice, some smokey paprika, and a little good quality olive oil (thought you can leave this out if you prefer to keep it oil-free).

I’ve become incredibly fond of this Vegan Smashed Eggplant Toast as I’m never quite sure what to eat for breakfast, especially as I’ve recently really been craving savoury breakfasts. And whilst savoury breakfasts are delicious, they can sometimes be quite time consuming.

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