The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake

The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake

How could anyone possibly have a favorite cupcake flavor? That’s like saying I have a favorite daughter. I love them all equally.

-Julie Guarducci

Nothing says love like a perfectly spongey & moist cupcake. (I apologize I know most people hate the word moist but there are not a lot of other good words to describe it).

It has only taken me a year but I finally perfected the vanilla cupcake.

While making cupcakes out of a box used to be my specialty in college…I wish I could say I didn’t make them at minimum once a month but I would be lying…I could never figure out how to make them taste as delicious homemade.

There is one specific ingredient that is a must to make the best vanilla cupcake you will ever have & you will want to buy it immediately for your pantry! I have a few “tips” that will help you become a cupcake making genius spread throughout the post so be sure to look for them!

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