Fall Trail Mix Recipe with Protein

Fall Trail Mix Recipe with Protein

This quick and easy, protein-packed fall trail mix recipe only uses 6 ingredients! It’s a healthy gluten, grain and dairy free portable snack.

Hi, my name is Taylor and I will find any way EVER to sneak protein into ALL THE FOOD that I eat.

You with me on that?

Knew I liked you.

Snack time is one of my favorite times of the day in the sense that it’s this magical little happy moment in my real-person-food-eating-life, where I get to sit down for a few minutes and bask in the bliss that is perfectly-portioned little bites of food between meals.

They’re quick to eat, which means they don’t take time out of our busy-person lives. But, they’re those little moments that get us through the HANGY. And, the snacking opportunities and flavors that you could choose – like Thai curry roasted cashews or homemade paleo protein bars – THEY ARE ENDLESS.

In real-life news and life questions: how on Earth is it ALREADY mid-October? Liiiike, I feel like we were just singing Christmas carols and eating our favorite healthy ginger snap recipe and mint chocolate cashew cream no bake bars together because it was Christmas 2016. NOW, it’s ALMOST HERE AGAIN.

With all the holiday-happenings that I know the VRY VRY social and fun person that you are is attending, this means that you might not be home when the SNACK ATTACK hits. Do not worry my hangry little friend, I’ve got your snack-back TODAY.

This homemade trail mix recipe is gonna save YOUR VERY LIFE.

It is SUPER easy, only 6 ingredients and you can pack it around in adorable little baggies while popular-you attends every holiday shindig that your little <3 <3 <3 desires.

Social butterfly – no hangry involved? THAT’S YOU.


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