The Best Gluten Free Cupcake Recipe with Blueberries

The Best Gluten Free Cupcake Recipe with Blueberries

This is the Best Gluten Free Cupcake Recipe! Loaded with fresh blueberries and coconut cream, they’re a healthier, Paleo dessert that’s perfect for Summer!

You and I need to have a chat.

Like a “are-we-still-cool-and-can-we-still-be-internet-land-buds-because-this-is-the-second-cupcake-recipe-this-week-and-I-am-breaking-some-sort-of-food-blogger-code” kind of chat.

I also broke this same rule WITH above mentioned baked oatmeal cupcakes on Tuesday, because I made you gluten free cupcakes for FFF’s birthday 2 years in ROW.

What can I say other than I’ve got a thang for the small cakes loaded with swirly, fluffy frosting.  Not sorry.

Especially these Gluten Free Lemon Cupcakes from Fearless Dining!

They also justsohappen to be the ULTIMATE dessert to bring to baby shower…like today!

Do you know Ashton from Something Swanky? She makes the most RIDICULOUS desserts EVER.  I practically have to go to the gym just from PEEPING the screen when I visit her beautiful bloggity blog. But, in the best possible way.  The eye-ball ingested calories are always WURTH IT.

Today, a bunch of us are coming together to celebrate that little boy bun in her oven (awkward sentence RIGHT THERE) by throwing her a surprise dessert shower!

Now that you know the reason for these gluten free cupcakes for kids, we need to have another conversation. The kind that is basically going to change your life because it changed mine ENTIRELY.

I’ve always been one of those people that kind of wishes that the “cake” portion of cupcakes was, like, ¼ of the size and the “frosting” part of the cupcake was, like, 1 billon times the size.  This means that I was always that awkward, frowned-upon attendee at parties who ripped the bottom of the cupcake off and, WHOOPS, accidentally dropped it on the floor, which MAGICALLY achieved my perfect cupcake to frosting ratio.

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