Peanut Butter Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies

This easy vegan, chickpea chocolate chip cookie recipe is SO soft and chewy! Gluten, grain and dairy free and SO tasty!

A CHICKPEA chocolate chip COOKIE recipe.

Just when you think you’ve seen every VARIATION of easy healthy gluten free chocolate chip cookiesunder the sun, I bring you T-H-I-S.


It sounds weird.  You’re not sure about it. You think that chickpeas should be reserved to making “normal” things like homemade hummus or creamy chickpea curry.  You wonder if I have lost my marbles.

I mean, I am the maker of green cashew curry chicken bowls with watermelon, so it IS possible that aforementioned marbles have been LOST. But…you should know this by now.


For realsies though my internet friends. I would never make a promise of gluten free chocolate chip cookies that would not TICKLE your taste buds and fill your cookie-monster-inner-soul with happiness, feel-good-vibes and just general ALL AROUND GOOD THINGS.

These peanut butter chickpea chocolate chip cookies have ALL OF THAT. Plus, they marry peanut butterand chocolate, which is the most delicious combination of foods on planet earth EVER, and will NEVER EVER let you down.


You should have seen this chickpea chocolate chip cookie recipe coming. It was only a matter of time before the “cookie dough” component of cookie dough banana ice cream and vegan cookie dough stuffed peanut butter bites got a little UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with a hot-hot-hot oven for some ACTUALLY-BAKED-NO-LONGER-DOUGH shenanigans.

Blending up ACTUAL chickpeas, instead of making this a chickpea flour cookies recipe (which is actually a real-but-hard-find-thing), get rid of their sometimes-grainy-qualities and turns them into this SOFT and smooth ingredient that BINDS these cookies with swirls of nutty, rich and CREAMY peanut butter, perfect coconut sugar sweetness and BURSTS of OOEY-GOOEY melty chocolate chips in every MOUTHFUL.


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