DIY Garden Gate

June 16, 2017 Chris 0

This post was originally published on our other blog If you like it, make sure to check out our other posts too. DIY Garden […]

Corn Fried Corncobs

June 12, 2017 Chris 0

Corn Fried Corncobs This recipe let’s you get a fair food experience all summer long. It’s kind of similar to a corndog but with a […]

Toasted Ravioli

June 6, 2017 Chris 0

Toasted Ravioli This recipe was originally posted on but we thought you would love it too. Toasted Ravioli is a St. Louis favorite. Why Toasted […]

five minute homemade corndogs

Five Minute Homemade Corndogs

May 27, 2017 Chris 0

Five Minute Homemade Corndogs This post was originally on If you like it, check us out for more! My kids love corndogs, and honestly, […]

Jalapeno Popper Bites

March 1, 2017 Chris 0

Hey y’all, this is Chris from Dan330 and Four Kids and a Chicken. The four kids and a chicken went all Wisconsin style and used […]

Dan330 at IzeaFEST

February 10, 2017 Chris 0

We’re so excited! We are heading down to Orlando Florida to spend a couple of days at IZEAFest 2017.  The Grandparents have been briefed about the kids […]

How to Make a Piecaken

February 3, 2017 Chris 0

Piecaken. You’re Welcome. If you like this recipe, check us out at Piecaken The piecaken is like a turducken, but it’s a piecaken; a […]