One Day Backyard Projects

March 19, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Most of us are really busy, and if we end up spending several weekends in the yard finishing projects, they tend to not get finished. I like simple, and fast for most of the DIY projects I do…probably because, if you ask Steve, I have an issue with…

5 Things We Love About Spring

March 15, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

Ok, first off, a disclaimer. This is not a DIY post, and if you are a fair weather gardener, maybe you will pass by this post and onto the projects. Fair enough. For those of you who consider yourself gardeners, in a nature loving, plant collecting,…

20 Unusual Uses For Coffee

March 5, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

By Stephanie Rogers, EcoSalon Can you imagine life without coffee? We’d all stumble around like drones for hours every morning, lost without our precious fix. We love coffee for its flavor, its aroma and of course its pick-me-up, but there are at…

DIY Kids Outdoor Playset Projects

February 28, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

I think I started my love affair with the outdoors, and the garden, when I was a kid playing outdoors until the street lights came on and my bare feet were tired. Kids need to be outdoors from a young age, but they also need to be able to play with…

DIY Garden Paths

February 17, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

We all love a garden path… whether winding or straight…neat as a pin, or overgrown with plants, garden paths lead our eye through a garden, and add charm and focus as well. Every garden needs a good pathway. If you are not in need of an actual walkway…

Top 5 Secrets of Making Compost

February 15, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

A compost pile is an essential part of your garden.   Compost serves as a conditioner and fertilizer to your soil.   It feeds on the “good” microorganisms in the soil that help your plants stay healthy and full of nutrients. In addition to this…

Gardening 101 for Families

January 12, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Gardening 101 for Families (via If you’re new to gardening, you might feel intimidated by all the things you need to know; soil condition, […]

Top 25 Most Beautiful Tulip Flowers

December 13, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

Beauty is the first adjective that comes to mind when we speak of flowers! And it is even more true when we speak of tulips. They are one of the most popular and admired, spring flowering bulbous plants.  But before we list the most beautiful of this…