Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

Behind grilling, chicken crock pot recipes are probably one of the most popular ways of cooking chicken. It’s easy to understand why. Crock pots make cooking chicken so darn easy. All you need to do Crockpot-BBQ-Chicken-3-Ways-Sandwich1is put a little bit of water to cover the bottom of the crock pot, place the chicken in, and then season. In only a few short hours, you chicken is done. Ready to be served as is, shredded, diced, or sliced. With something so simple, it is amazing how creative bloggers have gotten with basic chicken crock pot recipes.

Crock pot or slow cooker chicken can be very diverse ranging from Mexican to American and Italian to African dishes. This page is dedicated to finding the best chicken crock pot recipes from the blogosphere. Here, the creative minds of bloggers have made thousands of recipes. We make, check, try, and hand pick the recipes we put on this page. If you are looking for another kind of crock pot recipe, you should go to our crock pot page, or our healthy crock pot page here.

Seasoning Chicken in a Crock Pot

By far the most popular way to season chicken is by adding some spice. We almost always useĀ for most our seasonings. Spicee Gourmet is “saving the world from boring meals … one good rub at a time.” So make sure you check them out.

Another way to season chicken in a crock pot is to marinade them or cook them with a sauce. This will help tenderize the meat and will slowly add flavor through the whole cooking time.

Least popular, but one of my favorites, is to add essential oil. Adding essential oil can help break down the meat making it extremely tender and add a natural flavor to the food. I recently made a chicken with Tangerine essential oil and it was incredible. It gave the chicken a very nice citrus taste. Message me if you want to learn more about oils.

Our Favorite Chicken Crock Pot Recipes: