Are you doing Social Media and Content marketing correctly? If you are asking, then I can already tell you the answer right now. I want to help you develop your Social Marketing game.

I just spoke at a social marketing conference called IZEAfest. While I was there, I had this beautifully done string of tweets between myself and the Dolphin Resort. Not only did they “do” social media, it was part of who they were. The packet that my keys came in didn’t have a phone number or email for help. They very bravely and very smartly gave only gave only a Twitter account. Impressed, I sent this tweet:

They are putting their customer service out there for the public and the world to see. If you want to build trust with your customers, you publicly show them how much you care about everyone. They responded to me:

In which I replied:

Not only is this on the record, it is free advertising for the Dolphin. Being me, I couldn’t just let it end at that. I took a picture of the statue is in the middle of their great room that is clearly not a dolphin and told them we needed to talk: 

Again, without missing a step, they respond:

Not only do they care, they are funny, and they are willing to engage and educate us when we have dumb questions. This particular tweet earned them another interaction from another guest:

One Word: Win. Their current guests have emotionally connected with them and friends of the current guests saw the interaction in their own Twitter feeds. Now, when I think of Orlando, I am already looking at Dolphin for my next stay.

Sun Country did the same thing: I was the only one sitting in the terminal that got up, took a selfie, and then started laughing. Here’s why: I sent Sun Country a picture of me picking out my jet:

They responded:

Now, I didn’t win any tickets, IZEA paid for them so I would speak at their conference. But the point is this: Are you managing your social media? Or are you connecting with them? If everyone in that terminal would have been laughing, do you think that would changed the experience for those passengers? Done right, they might even seek out a little humor next time they fly.

There are new and evolving tools, rules, and best practices with social media all the time. I want to help you turn your social media from something you have to do, into your highest producing sales person. Contact me below for more information:
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