Healthy Crock Pot Recipes

Thanks for visiting the healthy crock pot recipe page. We want to help you stay healthy with these great crock pot recipes. Healthy recipes may be any number of varieties of food. Some are Paleo-Slow-Cooker-Braciole-Pvegan, others low fat, or low carb. You might even stumble upon a paleo or Atkins-friendly diet recipe. Please evaluate the health of any of these recipes on you own.

At, we only use excellent blogger content so you can expect tried and true recipes that will make your healthy cooking amazing.

Healthy crock pot recipes can be amazing. My all time favorite recipe for healthy food is the Healthy Tangerine Chicken below. Make sure you check this one out. It uses spices from and a few drops of tangerine essential oil to flavor and soften the chicken.

Is this not what you were looking for? You probably are like me looking for the dessert crock pot recipe page that doesn’t exist (but probably should.) You may want to check out our crock pot page, or our chicken crock pot page. Otherwise, head to our and look around.

Our Favorite Healthy Crock Pot Recipes: