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Hi there! Someone asked for a list of all of our live streaming moments on Periscope, Blab, Facebook, and Stories on Snapchat. Here they are. The newest ones are on top of the list. Our live streaming started in late October, and kicked off a year of streaming on January 1, 2016. You can find lists of our live streams below.

You can also see our daily tips category here. 

Daily Social Tips

This series is a daily series on Periscope. I give social media and bogging tips as well as updates and motivation for your own blog. Make sure to follow me on Periscope at @chris_ashbach to chat with me live!

Below is a daily list of every episode. You can also browse the much prettier category page, or go over to YouTube and watch our Daily Social Tips playlist. It’s also embedded below.

If you want to learn how to blog, please see our page on getting started here. It was designed to get you up and running in just a few hours.

Daily Social Tips 

February 22: Ep 53: Blogging Thoughts: Video, Categories, and income.

February 21: Ep 52: Integrating Shareable Images

February 20: Ep 51: Making content: Ice Fishing

February 19: Ep 50: Network at Events

February 18: Ep 49: Ha Ha. Suites for Interns?!

February 17: Ep 48: Use Multiple Ad Netoworks

February 16: Ep 47: Facebook Tip: Sharing Links v. Pictures

February 15: Ep 46: Don’t Be A Shill

February 14: Ep 45: Tour of NW Minnesota and its -15

February 13: Ep 44: You Can do 1 Post in 2 Places and Stitch it Together

February 12: Ep 43: Little Known AdSense Rule

February 11: Ep 42: Great Use of Twitter Minnesota Wild!

February 10: Ep 41: Just a Walk Through St. Paul

February 9: Ep 40: Take Care of Your Customers!

February 8: Ep 39: Use a Demonstration to Make Your Live Stream Interesting

February 7: Ep 38: Quick Twitter Tip

February 6: Ep 37: Managing Multiple Platforms

February 5: Ep 36: ****Charity Post*** Hockey for Rhett Syndrome

February 4: Ep 35: Check Results with Analytics

February 3: Ep 34: Don’t be Sales-y, Just Help People

February 2: Ep 33: Tips for Images to Maximize Your Reach

February 1: Ep 32: Are You Making Your Brand a Institution?

January 31: Ep 31: Specialize in Something, But Not Right Away 

January 30: Ep 30: Customer Service | Social Media is a Team Effort

January 29: Ep 29: Know Your Hashtags. #netflixandchill

January 28: Ep 28: Leverage Employee Personal Brands

January 27: Ep 27: Go Pro Integrates into Periscope

January 26: Ep 26: I found a Company that Doesn’t Want To Blog

January 25: Ep 25: Don’t be a jerk. 

January 24: Ep 24: Make Money With Sponsored Content as a Blogger

January 23: Ep 23: Transcribing Video 

January 22: Ep 22: Puppies. That’s the Answer. Grow Your Reach With Cuteness. 

January 21: Ep 21: Organizing Content by Theme. Our 2016 Themes.

January 20: Ep 20: Don’t Forget Your Personal Networks!

January 19: Ep 19: Take a Day Off

January 18: Ep 18: Google Vs. Facebook Ads. What’s The Difference?

January 17: Ep 17: Plan Awesome Content

January 16: Ep 16: Follow Things Your Readers Think Are Important

January 15: Ep 15: Last-Minute Strategies for Hotels, and Other Sellers. 

January 14: Ep 14: Practice Makes … You Better. Don’t Quit. 

January 13: Ep 13: Why You Should Go To Industry Shows

January 12: Ep 12: More Reasons to Use Snapchat

January 11: Ep11: Be You! It’s Hard to Be Someone Else

January 10: Ep10: For Success Online, Form Relationships Offline too

January 9: Ep9: Understand Content Trends

January 8: Ep8: Be Spontaneous

January 7: Ep7: Make a Media Kit

January 6: Ep 6: Build Your Brand Around What You Love

January 5: Ep 5: 5 Reasons to Build a Personal Brand

January 4: Ep 4: Teaching Grandparents Snapchat.

January 3: Ep 3: Am I Using Twitter Correctly?

January 2: Ep 2: Blab. Another Live Streaming Platform

January 1: Ep 1: Blogging Via Live Streaming

Here’s a few we did prior to our year of streaming:

Ep -1 Tech for Travel Bloggers

Ep -2: Why Live Streaming Will Be Taking Over The Internet

Ep -3: More Tips for Travel Bloggers

Ep -4: Why Bloggers Should Work Together.

Ep -5: How Brands Can Use Periscope

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