Things To Do In The Lake Vermilion Area

Things to Do In The Lake Vermilion Area

You are heading up north! Thats Great! If you are staying with us, you have already probably seen our awesome cabins, Creekside Cabin at Elbow Lake Lodge and End of The Road Cabin. Regardless whether you are staying with us or not, we have a lot of great things to do in the Lake Vermilion Area listed below. We want you to have a wonderful vacation and have put some of our favorite things to do in the area. After all, we are travel bloggers.

On the Drive / Tips Before You Arrive

From the Twin Cities, Elbow Lake and Lake Vermilion are just under four hours. I put a list of some of my favorite rest stops for food, exploring, and stretching below:

Day Trips Around Lake Vermilion

We are located on Elbow Lake. Lake Vermilion is a much larger and busier lake than ours but is better known. That is why I write this from the “Lake Vermilion Area.” (But between you and I there really isn’t much of a comparison šŸ˜‰ – Just don’t tell my Lake Vermilion friends)

Other Tips To Make Your Vacation Great