Confessions of a Million Follower Pinner. Creating Boards for Growth. Third in a Series.

In the last article we discussed tracking your growth. With third party analytics this is done for you. It is your job to figure out why you got the results that you did. So many things come into play here. If you have a passion for topics that are highly specialized it will be hard to attract a following from the masses. As I mentioned last time if you stick to the most popular categories, you can bet that all the popular pins have been used. If you want to grow, you need to find a niche that you can take advantage of.

Once you find your niche, come up with a clever name and start your board. After you have been pinning for a few days go back and review your work.  You need to watch not only your pins performance, but you need to review your boards as well.  Go back and critique as objectively as you can each of your boards. Imagine that you are looking at them for the very first time. What do you think? Do you pin very similar images over and over? Do you have duplicate or triplicate images? I do that a lot which is why I spend almost as much time deleting and editing as I do pinning.  Get rid of the duplicate images. Make sure to mix things up on your board. Use several types of images fitting the theme of the board.

Watch your board size. You don’t have to pin every picture on every subject. Rarely do people scroll down more than a few dozen pins. I am sure most of you have seen boards with thousands of pins. The Pinterest user with the most pins doesn’t necessarily attract the largest following. If your board is getting too large it will be very cumbersome to delete a large number of pins.  As of last week, according to Pinterest, there is still no way to delete more than one pin at a time. In February I literally deleted 5,000 plus pins one at a time. Do a little editing every time you are on Pinterest. It will make your editing easier and your site more attractive.

Remember to take the time to objectively critique your pins and edit your boards as they grow. Like trimming a bush, delete the pins that don’t perform. Create interesting boards with fun titles. Spend the time to look for unique images. This will set you apart from everyone else.

Coming soon! We have several guest bloggers lined up with gardening tips, outdoor living and camping ideas. Plus I know a new Pinterest user who has grown from 0 followers to over 1500 followers in 5 weeks. Look for this story soon.

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