TGIF – Memorial Day Weekend Cocktail Ideas

Memorial Day is this coming Monday. This weekend, many of us will gather to remember those who served this nation and gave the ultimate sacrifice. As we gather with friends and family we often fly our nations flag, decorate our houses, and wear the nations colors out of respect. Are you hosting a weekend get-together? Why not put a little twist on one of your favorite summer drinks by adding some red, white and blue? Here are some great ideas for nearly drink.

For the kids!


This is so simple, and of my favorite drinks to make with my kids. All you do is make some Kool Aid in different pitchers, pour the different colors into an ice tray and freeze them. When they are frozen, you can put them in any kid-friendly drink. If you use 7-up or Sprite, it turns into a fun spritzer that your kids will love!

Skewer some Red White and Blue!

This will work for any tropical cocktail or refreshment. Start with any wooden or plastic skewer. Then choose colored fruit for the occasion. Skewer the fruit and place in each glass. Almost any grocery store will have raspberries and blueberries for your red and blue if you don’t already have some in your garden. Red apples are a good option as well as they offer both red and white.   It is also ok to simply add some loose fruit to the drinks. This would be a great way to compliment the skewer and to add other fruit to the mix; such as pomegranate, which is hard to skewer.

If you are looking to add a bit more flare to this theme, consider starfruit or using a cookie cutter on other larger fruit like watermelon, melon, or cantaloupe.

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