Grilled Banana Dessert

When I went out looking for a fun dessert to cook over a fire or on a grill, I just couldn’t get past choosing something with a banana. Maybe it is my love for cooked banana’s. But for whatever reason, it seemed that all of the fritters, pies, and other sweets out there seemed more appropriate for a nice fall weekend anyway.

This idea behind grilling a banana is a pretty simple; carve it out so it holds some sweets and grill. Simple as that. Reading through some of the ideas on Pinterest and on the web, there are a ton of ideas for filling your “banana boat.”

Since I will be having guests over tonight I am setting up a grilled banana boat buffet.


  • Banana
  • Sweets – Anything you like. Try marshmallows, chocolate chips, honey, oats, and whatever else sound good to you.


  • Take a banana and with a very sharp knife cut out some of the peel.
    and scoop out some of the banana.
  • Fill the banana with whatever sweets each person would like.
  • Grill


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