Watermelon Shark

Watermelon Shark

The watermelon shark is a quick and easy way to spruce up a summertime favorite. Fun for the kids and a good way to show off to your friends.


Start by drawing out the shark’s neck and his mouth (yes the shark is a boy).


Now cut those pieces out.


Now, clean out the red guts of the shark and carve the teeth. Then carefully cut the gumline of the shark as show in the picture above. This cut should just penetrate the green skin of the watermelon. The white rind will be the teeth. After this line is cut, carefully peel the green skin off the teeth to that line exposing the white.

Watermelon Shark
Watermelon Shark

Finally, cut part of the mouth and use toothpicks to make it a dorsal fin and carve out the eyes.


Enjoy your watermelon shark! (and don’t let him bite you)

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