The Dan330 Community and Site Upgrade

outdoor living

This site started out of a passion for outdoor living and home and garden ideas. It quickly became successful and we added categories like food and beverage, DIY, and more.

As we grew this site, we learned how important our followers and readers were. Your comments, emails, and posts help us guide this ship and have been crucial in making it somethings special.

Last month, we had 750,000 page views from 250,000 unique visitors! Over 50,000 of you came direct to our site, which inspired us to rethink the site and make it more friendly to you. We made three major upgrades to the site:

  • We turned the blog format into a magazine format so it is easier for you to browse through the posts and categries
  • We added the community section so you can sign up and have your own account! Now, you can have a profile, interact with other readers, share ideas, and more. Look back soon for a forum section we are still designing that will let you ask questions and have the other community members answer them for you.
  • We added a subdomain to provide an interactive map of our travel blogs.

We are very excited about all three of these upgrades and would love to hear what you think!  Comment here or on our facebook page and give us feedback.


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