363days.org – Making Sandwiches

What do you get when you combine 50 women, 900 baggies, 67 loaves of bread, 101 packages of turkey bologna, and 12 big packages of cheese for 30 minutes?


800 sandwiches!

Packed and ready to deliver to 363days.org who then distributes them to lots of hungry people.  Wonder why they chose the name 363?  It’s because Thanksgiving and Christmas are days often filled with food drives, but what happens to the rest of the 363 days of the year? Click on 363days.org to learn how you can help too.

Thanks to Pat, our sandwich making organizer, it was easy.  For a small donation of $10.00 each, we donned our lovely plastic hats and gloves and assembled sandwiches like pros.  Coborns delivered the supplies, Pat set up the tables, called in the volunteers and began our time together with prayer.

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