Great River Road 2: Mississippi Headwaters at Lake Itasca

Biker Grandma - First road bridge across the MIssissippi

Great River Road 2: Mississippi Headwaters at Lake Itasca

This is a series about riding the Great River Road from lake Itasca in Minnesota to Venice, Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico.

Large White Pine reflected in pond, Itasca State Park



Riding into Itasca State Park is Minnesota Wilderness at its best.  The towering pines reflected in the lakes, the breeze is filled with the scent of fresh pine.  The sumac was in full seed and the first leaves were turning to flame.


This stand of trees is called the Preachers Grove


Mature stand of Norway Pine, Itasca State Park
Lake Itasca & me
Oh the anticipation, Biker Grandma just a few miles from the source of the Mississippi

After parking the bikes we were greeted by loon swing chairs, and double ones at that, so you can sit with your best friend and rock, or read a map.  The number of hours spent by true Minnesotan’s up at their cabins swinging away the hours, watching the sunset or reading a book would boggle your mind. By the way, the cupholder would not be empty. Our beloved state bird is the loon, whose call is especially poignant at night when the lake is still, the day has been full of fun, and the evening lingers, reminding us to slow down and be thankful.  It’s what makes summer good, and why we travel for hours every weekend of the summer to get to our sacred outdoor spaces.  This was a good sign at the start of our adventure.

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