Great River Road 3: Bemidji to Little Falls

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Dam at Little Falls, Mn Birthplace of Charles Lindberg
bridge across the Mississippi at Little Falls, Mn
Veterans Memorial Little Falls, MN

Little Falls, home of Charles Lindberg will be on the route today. The Lindberg Museum and home sit above the Mississippi just on the south side of town.  If only there was enough time to take everything in, but as the pilot keeps telling me, we have a couple thousand miles to go.



Lindberg Museum, Little Falls, MN

Anyway, I just realized that Anne Morrow Lindbergh was married to Charles, and I just finished reading again, the book she wrote in 1955 called Gift from the Sea.  Here is a quote from her book that sort of sums up our bike trip.

“When you love someone, you do not love them all the time, in exactly the same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is even a lie to pretend to. And yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in the ebb and flow of life, of love, of relationships. We leap at the flow of the tide and resist in terror its ebb. We are afraid it will never return. We insist on permanency, on duration, on continuity; when the only continuity possible, in life as in love, is in growth, in fluidity – in freedom, in the sense that the dancers are free, barely touching as they pass, but partners in the same pattern.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

That’s kind of how it feels to ride motorcycles on a long trip – fluid and free, but partners.  Thanks for the insight Anne and thanks for being a pioneer in flight Lucky Lindy. You surely knew about long trips and water.   I wonder what Dan330 would have been, if not an Airbus 330 Captain.

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