Huevos Rancheros for Dummies

First, open the black beans and reserve the liquid in a bowl. I have found that when blending canned black beans, you typically just need to pour out the excess liquid above the beans. By reserving the liquid, you can add some back in later if the paste seems too dry.

I added some chipotle, salt and pepper to taste and blended.


After you blend the beans and spices, brown the tortillas until they are golden brown. Flip and brown the second side.



Place a dab of butter in the same pan you used for the tortillas. Melt it and then fry the eggs on high. You want the egg whites to firm up, but let the yolks remain liquid.


While the eggs are cooking, you can dice a tomato. Then, spread the beans onto the tortilla and layer the tomatoes above them. This will make the filling between the two tortillas.


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