Great River Road 8: Lake Pepin to Marquette, Iowa

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This is really a beautiful area. The fog and the rain obscured the views so we didn’t take many more pictures until we got to Lansing, IA.

We crossed the Mississippi River again on highway 9. It’s that time of year so there is lots of construction still going on. The bridge over the river is very old. It was down to one lane and we had quite a wait for our turn to cross. The approach to the bridge was very steep and the bridge itself ┬áhad a grate for the roadway. Very creepy to ride a motorcycle on a wet grate you can see down through.

Old Bridge at Lansing, Iowa
Lansing, Iowa. The road and railroad together.

It was getting late in the day. We were tired, wet and cold. One last leg for the day. It was 29 long miles to Marquette from Lansing and it was getting dark.

One thing that we noticed along the backroads of the Mississippi are the communities of campers and trailers that congregate along the river. Some areas have houses on stilts as well. We had to take a short break to take a few photos.



When we got to our hotel in Marquette they had freshly baked warm cookies waiting for us. What a treat. We were so cold at this point we literally could not unsnap our bags from the bikes until we warmed up a little.

Marquette is a small town and this night the only cafe was closed. We found some fried chicken at the gas station and that was dinner. AHHH the glamourous life of traveling by motorcycle.


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