Harley Ride to Scandia, MN

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Most weekends this summer were spent riding our Harleys.  Sometimes I would ride with Dan on the back of his Ultra Classic (especially if I was in the mood to take pictures), but the rest of the time I rode my Low Rider.  This past weekend was especially beautiful and there was a spot that we had ridden past many times that I always wanted to capture.  The red chairs.

Aren’t they wonderful?

Not far past this farm is the town of Scandia.  Entering the low hills you feel like you’re traveling back in time.  Nestled along the main street is a typical Swedish farmstead, a place we had seen many times but never stopped, the Gammelgarden Museum.  Dan is half Swedish and it looked like a place his mom would have loved.

The blue doors beckoned and the museum and shop were open.

Having attended a Swedish college (Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, MN) the colors and dress were familiar and welcoming. The benches on the pine floors were symmetrical and precisely positioned, flowers and hearts  hung in the windows and textiles were abundant.


Outside this main museum and ‘butik’ were the grounds. The windmill ran the water pump, and an old log building with dovetail joints on the corners sat weathered and worn.  Turns out it was the barn.

The prairie surrounds the buildings filled with flowers and wheat, a stream and bridge.

Just past the bridge was the little church, it’s basic lines adorned with a simple wooden cross, a dala horse and branches draped over the door.

Close by was the Prast Hus, or Parsonage.

We then wandered over to one last red building, the Stuga or Guest House, surrounded on three sides by a lovely slanted timber fence.


The door was locked, but we peeked in the window and I wanted to jump into one of those cute little beds and take a nap on this warm sunny fall weekend.  What a sanctuary of peace & quiet.  I think I have to go up to the cabin now one more time before the snow flies in the north woods.


And so our Sunday bike ride came to the end of the road.  I love the fall, and Scandia was the perfect place to explore today.

{images: Laurie Ashbach}

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